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Mazarron News - May 2014

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  • Luis Marino conquest "Susaña" with a photographic genius (31/05/2014)
    25 magnificent photographs of the artist Mazarron outlined in the CIME until July 11
  • 300 students compete in the regional final Bolnuevo Triathlon School Sports (31/05/2014)
    IES 'Antonio Hellin' won the championship by teams in the Junior Men category
  • Older Day Centre teach school last township with the 'workshop experience " (30/05/2014)
    Center Senior Day a year driving this initiative also fosters relationships intergneracionales
  • Exhibition Social Senior Center of Puerto de Mazarrón (30/05/2014)

  • Older Puerto Social Center is exceeded again within its "Cultural Mayo" (30/05/2014)
    A hiking route by Bolnuevo will put an end to a full program in which the proceedings have excelled partner
  • This Friday, May 30th the exhibition "Susaña" of artist Luis Marino Mazarron opens (29/05/2014)
    The photographic exhibition will be opened in the hall of the CIME at 20:30 hours by Mayor Ginés Campillo and author
  • The historical heritage of Mazarrón again present another year in "Tarraco Viva" (29/05/2014)
    The 'Roman Factory Salt' is the gateway to the other benefits of this fair town on the Roman world
  • The council and Anse held on Sunday June 1 the "European Day of the parks' (29/05/2014)
    The newly declared SPA Laguna Las mulberry host various activities between 09:30 and 13:30 pm
  • Mazarrón 'dress' of triathlons this weekend (28/05/2014)
    The regional final of School Sport and I Triathlon 'Mazarrón Bay' will bring to the town over 600 athletes
  • School of Mazarrón known bluefin tuna and other products Mazarrón 'Cooking with the Mayor' (28/05/2014)
    The children s also will star in a school competition to be held in the First Conference on Bluefin Tuna Mazarrón
  • Mazarrón hosts a regional meeting of yoga on Sunday June 1 (28/05/2014)
    The event will take place in the sports hall of CEIP Miguel Delibes' starting at 10 am
  • Up UCAM Jairis (27/05/2014)
    Mazarrón gave luck to the team UCAM - Jairis Raceway last Sunday won promotion to Ligue 2 Women's Basketball
  • An aid station for three beaches Percheles and secure until September 14 (27/05/2014)
    The City Council has increased the allocation for this year Ballad Plan 14052.16 USD
  • From 6 to 8 June Mazarrón will become the gastronomic capital of the bluefin tuna (27/05/2014)
    Those interested in participating can sign up through the web the days that will feature internationally renowned chefs
  • Become internationally renowned Chefs Mazarron in the gastronomic capital of bluefin tuna (26/05/2014)
    The City Council has organized the first edition of a culinary event that seeks to highlight the excellence of this product and its traditional link to the fishing village
  • Successes of Mazarron sport shine one more year in the Sports Gala XIII (26/05/2014)
    8 Awards 7 trophies and twenty awards were handed out in a magnificent night clubs and dedicated to outstanding athletes
  • Francis Hernandez were imposed on the 32nd rising automotive 'Mazarrón Bay' (25/05/2014)
    Fernando Manzanares and Pedro Antonio Sanchez prevailed in the 3rd edition of the Rallysprint 'Costa Calida'
  • Ends the most successful edition of "Fotogenio" in which everyone has enjoyed great presentations and activities (25/05/2014)
    The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, Caritas has given 8,000 euros obtained 80% of the collection of inscriptions
  • The People's University awards the prizes creative competition 'Mazarrón Day by Day' (24/05/2014)
    30 200 diplomas and awards were given to both school children and adult participants
  • Sebastião Salgado thrills with 'Genesis' over 1000 attendees at the second day of 'Fotogenio' (24/05/2014)
    José María Mellado and Eugenio Recuenco demonstrate the good health of photography in Spain
  • Statement on file querrella against Councilman Andrew James (23/05/2014)

  • Young and old enjoy the musical tale "Peter and the Wolf" and "You really are worth" special (23/05/2014)
    The band 'Maestro Eugenio Calderón' reprising this show at school 'San Antonio' ​​in September
  • On June 2, the registration period is open for swimming lessons, surfing, sailing multiactivity, tennis and table tennis (23/05/2014)
    can register in the Department of Sports in the flag of 'La Acefia'
  • Eugenio Recuenco Alberto Yague and stand on the first day of Fotogenio (23/05/2014)
    Sebastião Salgado is already in Mazarrón morning to teach the public his work 'Genesis' and other works that have marked his career
  • After the registration deadline for the Summer Carnival 2014 (22/05/2014)
    This year repeated 4 prizes for the best troupes endowed with 1200, 900, 600 and 300 euros
  • "Fotogenio" starts tomorrow breaking records and Sebastião Salgado to head (22/05/2014)
    At the open house tomorrow may attend free chat that offer fashion photographer Eugenio Recuenco
  • Pedro Cano offers a new master class at school with the fish as a model (22/05/2014)
    Young people have also been able to know what a fish auction market in the port and make sailors knots
  • Mazarrón will this summer with 6 Blue Flag beaches, one more than last year (21/05/2014)
    The distinction to the beach this year Nares adds to Alamillo Rihuete, El Puerto, La Reya and El Castellar
  • The council and "Friends of Blue" invite Mazarron known seabed at popular prices (21/05/2014)
    The Mazarrón be registered in baptisms diving and introductory courses to the practice
  • Young people between 14 and 35 years can join the 'Informajoven' in Hall 'The Flour mill' (21/05/2014)
    [On 1 June the seventh Intercultural Encounter "United by Football" Villa de Mazarrón is celebrated]
  • On Saturday May 24th the 32nd auto up "Mazarrón Bay" is disputed (21/05/2014)
    The Automobile Club Totana and 'Despo Events' have organized this event in collaboration with the City of Mazarron
  • Vessels 'Carmen', 'black Octopus' and 'Zalata' dominate the IV Race 'Mazarrón Bay' (20/05/2014)
    30 boats participated in the finally consolidate Quote this year
  • Full all in concert David Hooper to mark the "International Museum Day" (20/05/2014)
    School of Mazarrón enjoyed various activities to mark the commemoration
  • Mazarrón welcomes the ascent phase the female top league two (20/05/2014)
    Quote basketball will be held from 22 to 25 May in the sports hall 'the Flour mill'
  • The police conduct checks on motorcycles until 25 May (20/05/2014)
    Two individuals were caught by officers when two giant drums were stealing water from a private enclosure
  • This Friday, May 23 occurs Sports Gala XIII (20/05/2014)
    The event will be held from 21:30 am in the hotel 'La Cumbre' Puerto de Mazarrón
  • Casalduero asking for votes for the PSOE "to defend quality public education and equal opportunities" (20/05/2014)
    The Socialist candidate said Sunday that our vote can reject the policies of cuts in education and research and rate hike right
  • Call Neighborhood Councils Canadas del Romero, Pastrana and Leiva (19/05/2014)
    CCVV These are held on Monday 19, Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21 respectively from 21 am
  • The CD Mazarrón Table Tennis autonomic division amounted to honor (19/05/2014)
    CD Phoenicia is runner of the Amateur Cup Futsal Murcia
  • Social Policy develops the Regional Plan Truancy (19/05/2014)
    The City Council marches various activities to sensitize children and parents of young children with truancy
  • Hard-fought 3rd stage of Tour III Cadet Road to Murcia (19/05/2014)
    Mazarrón hosted this event last Saturday attended by hundreds of athletes
  • 3rd stage of Tour III Cadet Murcia (18/05/2014)

  • After the registration period for Multisports Camp Nerpio (17/05/2014)
    Your price will be 255 euros and will run from 14 to 20 July at the campsite 'Las Nogueras' with important news
  • 'Furrowed earth, sea revived' shows landscapes and details of Mazarrón in the town hall (17/05/2014)
    Sample of Cartagena artist Javier Lorente be contemplated until Saturday July 5
  • The CD Phoenicia FS dispute the Final Four of the Amateur Cup this weekend held in Mazarrón (16/05/2014)
    The encounters are played during the Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 in the sports hall of CEIP Miguel Delibes'
  • Anse develop various training activities of the project "Farmers by nature 'in Mazarrón (16/05/2014)
    On Tuesday May 20 the first of the courses will focus on agroecology starts
  • The Road Tour III Cadet to reach Murcia Mazarron (16/05/2014)
    Tomorrow Saturday 17 May, the town hosts the 3rd stage in which enrolled 116 participants
  • The Department of Youth bet on sports orientation in nature (16/05/2014)
    An inception workshop and a 'local races' for various places in the municipality are youth activities scheduled on this practice
  • Tomorrow Friday 16 sample opens 'furrowed earth, sea revived' by Javier Lorente (15/05/2014)
    The inauguration will take place at 21 am in the Town Hall of Mazarrón
  • On Saturday May 17 the 'Maestro Eugenio Calderón' staged the musical tale "Peter and the Wolf ' (15/05/2014)
    The show is free, will take place from 20 pm in the courtyard of the Cultural Center
  • 40 boats participating high level this weekend at the Fourth Race 'Mazarrón Bay' (15/05/2014)
    The sporting event is growing year by year and has an extensive sports and social program
  • The International University Mar 3 interesting courses program for the months of June and July (15/05/2014)
    The crisis of social values, how to be more productive at work and conservation of the seabed will be cross-cutting themes of the 3 training offers
  • Over 600 school driver education form in the Children's Traffic Park (14/05/2014)
    Scholars have been able to put into practice what they learned in the lectures on Driver Education
  • A hiking route led to smaller tour the site of the mines (14/05/2014)
    A special guide will give some explanations about mines Mazarrón participants
  • 140 schoolchildren participate in sessions II underwater Mazarrón Bay (14/05/2014)
    The conferences have a theoretical and practical part to be held at the Municipal Pool
  • The paranormal Mazarrón returns with the day 'Murcia mysterious' (14/05/2014)
    The event took place on Saturday, June 7 at the Cultural Center and will be free
  • After the registration deadline for the course 'web creation and management' (13/05/2014)
    Classes will be held from 26 May to 6 June at the offices of the CIME
  • The cadets 'Century' regional soccer champions proclaimed in School Sport (13/05/2014)
    The IES 'Domingo Valdivieso' cadet has been runner-up in the categories of male football and handball
  • The quintet 'Tangle' closes the cycle of educational concerts (13/05/2014)
    The third concert of the series has shown school instruments woodwind family
  • Moment of silence for the murder of Isabel Carrasco (13/05/2014)

  • It is extended the term until 20 july to set the direct debit of the ibi tax getting a 5% of bonification (13/05/2014)
    The direct debits can be done through and in the Municipal Tax Office
  • Cut in water supply facilities making the sports complex from tomorrow Tuesday, May 13 (12/05/2014)
    It shall replace a section of pipe so that they can undertake the works of the roundabout to access the Sports Complex
  • 264 participants gathered in Mazarrón occur in the IX Regional Day Hikers (12/05/2014)
    The 'Friends of Nature' passed the baton to hikers Pliego club where the event will be held next year
  • Miguel Ortiz and Juan Francisco López child in juvenile rise with the gold in the III Region of Murcia Open Table Tennis (12/05/2014)
    THE CD Mazarrón TM 6 players moved to the tournament in San Javier
  • Citizens (C's) carries a message of regeneration Mazarrón (11/05/2014)

  • Mazarrón celebrates another year the "International Museum Day" from 12 to 18 May (10/05/2014)
    Saturday 17 there will be a concert of 'Sooper' in Roman Factory Salt tasting cheese and wine 'Central Quesera Montesinos' and 'Bodegas Juan Gil'
  • Three Mazarron assault teams to the regional final Cadet School Sports (09/05/2014)
    Two teams also fry the quarterfinals of this sports program face in Murcia
  • Ya is running the theater in 'A Scene' (09/05/2014)
    Children's theater, youth and adults make the program that develops during the month of May
  • The council honors several athletes for their successes Mazarron (09/05/2014)
    Young people have made significant achievements in competitions nationwide
  • The pairing José Méndez and local league champion paddle (08/05/2014)
    The group consists of Felipe and Bombi emerged as runner-up in the competition
  • This Friday, May 9 holiday starts the program in the district of San Isidro (08/05/2014)
    The proclamation of the celebrations this year was given by José de la Cruz Sánchez Navarro
  • On Saturday May 10 the last "Market Artisan Puerto de Mazarrón" is celebrated with winter time (08/05/2014)
    The craftsman Paul Miñarro Barranda held before the public workshop natural creams
  • "PALS" ran yesterday in favor of the campaign "forget me not" (07/05/2014)
    The charity run was held coinciding with the breaking of the barrier 4 minutes in the one mile run on 6th May, 1954
  • The police youth awareness about bullying and cyber-bullying (07/05/2014)
    During the conference are also handing out leaflets with guidelines for action alumn @ s and parents
  • The CEIP "Manuela Romero" and has its own library (07/05/2014)
    The Department of Education has donated two sets of books for the new educational space
  • Mazarrón hosts this Sunday May 11, the IX Regional Day Hikers (07/05/2014)
    two routes will tour both the Sierra of mulberry as the coastal area will be held
  • Fotogenio moved to Madrid to present a talent-laden edition (07/05/2014)
    The event, which will take place from 23 to 25 May in Mazarrón, told today with the presence of four major components that make up the lineup this year: Eugenio Recuenco, Jose Maria Mellado, Alberto González Yague and Philippe
  • The Town Hall gets the ownership of the headquarter of the Guardia Civil of Mazarrón in exchange of reforming the headquarter of El Puerto (06/05/2014)

  • Crowd pours in 900 triathletes "Villa de Fuente Álamo" (06/05/2014)
    Javier Gómez Noya and Maria Ortega were the overall champions of the test
  • Open Enrolment for courses 'basic accounting' and 'qualified applicator of pesticides' (06/05/2014)
    Classes will be held at the Municipal Center Employment Initiatives (CIME) Mazarron
  • Closed the Cultural Week "Book Day" with great literature and drama awards (06/05/2014)
    The librarian Francisca Muñoz Navarro was honored for his work as head of the library 'Gómez Jordana'
  • Meeting with Business Associations COEC of Mazarrón (06/05/2014)

  • Miguel Ortiz stands with the gold medal in the Championship of Spain Children School Table Tennis (05/05/2014)
    The Mazarron athlete was champion with his team mates Murcia
  • Fruit of actors bones of a new agricultural day (05/05/2014)
    Us 'PLANASA' prsesentó in Mazarrón various extra-early varieties of fruit bone
  • "PALS" held a charity race for "Forget Me Not" campaign (01/05/2014)
    The event will take place on May 6, coinciding with the breaking of the barrier 4 minutes in the mile run

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