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  • Graffiti contest to decorate the Tourist Office (31/05/2013)
    The deadline for submission of papers is Friday, June 7 and includes two prizes of 500 euros each
  • The Ballad Plan your financial allowance increases by 8% and will have a new checkpoint and patrol the creeks (31/05/2013)
    Tomorrow, Saturday, 1 and 5 open checkpoints for June Weekends
  • Cristina García Rodero conquest Mazarrón with its presence in "Fotogenio" (31/05/2013)
    Tomorrow night photography presents The largest illuminated representing Spain Mazarron Mines
  • Ismael Belhaki gets a bronze medal for Murcia in Spain Athletics Championships Cadet (30/05/2013)
    The Club Athletics hangs Mazarrón 3 other regional medals in the Regional Championship and Benjamin Youngsters
  • Open registration period for summer camp Nerpio (30/05/2013)
    An aerial park and new activities can be enjoyed from 15 to July 21 for participants aged 7 to 17 years
  • Mazarrón this another year in historical festival "Tarraco alive" (30/05/2013)
    The "Salt Roman Factory" has been on the show "Rome in the museums of the world"
  • Mazarrón weekend starts his career in underwater photography (30/05/2013)
    The Manga I Regional Championship "Fotosub" opens a series of important events related to the world
  • Kratochvil brings together young people from around the world in his workshop "psychological portrait" (29/05/2013)
    Up to 20 hours of June 1 you can vote for the best video of the competition "Imagine Mazarrón"
  • The council promotes leisure activities and free time for kids @ s, young and old (29/05/2013)
    The collaboration of "Friends of Nature" or the Fishing Club Puerto de Mazarrón is still essential for the various initiatives
  • Configured Local Coordinating Board on Gender Violence (29/05/2013)
    The Director General of Domestic Violence Prevention, Veronica Lopez, came to Mazarron for launch
  • All ready to celebrate this weekend's football memorial 7 "Salvador Ortiz" (28/05/2013)
    equipment in and out of Mazarrón participate in this event which provides important awards
  • The Watchtower begins Friday May 31 three days of festivities in honor of Corpus Christi (28/05/2013)
    The Girl Paquita Cañavate be the herald of the holidays this year
  • 200 schoolchildren participated in school sports final beach volleyball held in Mazarrón (28/05/2013)
    The school "Manuela Romero" achieved a creditable third in this sporting event
  • Infant Massage Workshop (28/05/2013)

  • Alumn @ s of 4 of the ESO start in diving (28/05/2013)
    Education and "Friends of Blue" have launched a free diving baptisms among schoolchildren
  • John Borrallo is imposed in the 31st rise car "Bay of Mazarrón" (27/05/2013)
    Sergi Panella and Martha Bernet the pair become champion of the 2nd Rallysprint "Costa Calida"
  • The UCAM Murcia and Chemical Meroño triumph in the "final four" regional basketball infatil (27/05/2013)
    The Children's "Bay of Mazarrón" Basket achieved a creditable third place by winning the consolation final at UCAM Jairis
  • Hall and SEF signed three agreements on defense and promotion of employment (27/05/2013)
    The Guildhall program participates in the youth labor practices with 67,374 euros
  • Delicious and original evening to inaugurate the "House of Culture" of Mazarrón (27/05/2013)
    Dozens of people attended the event which was chaired by the Minister Pedro A.
  • "Reflections" photographic collective of "F20" surprises until June 8 in the Houses Consitoriales (24/05/2013)
    Also shown are the winning and finalist photographs of "Fotomaratón" and "Photowalk" of "Fotogenio"
  • 5 Blue Flags will fly this year on the beaches of Mazarrón, one more than last year (24/05/2013)
    Alamillo, Rihuete, Harbor, Bay-La Reya and Playa Grande-Castellar beaches have been awarded
  • Mazarrón account today with a 'House of Culture' (24/05/2013)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism inaugurates the new infrastructure that will house the Municipal Library and the University Popular
  • 363 alumn @ s have participated this year in the "DI.CUAL" (23/05/2013)
    During the months of April and May, the participants visited various training centers
  • 4 more national medals for athletes Mazarron Natalia Aznar and Paul Mendez (23/05/2013)
    both got three golds and one silver in Spain Summer Championship for the blind and partially sighted
  • This Friday May 24th opens the cultural center of Mazarrón (23/05/2013)
    The opening shall be borne by the Mayor, Ginés Campillo, and the Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz
  • This Saturday 25 engines roar again in the 31st Ascent Automotive "Bay of Mazarrón" (23/05/2013)
    There will also be the second year the celebration of Rallysprint "Costa Calida"
  • Local police began a surveillance campaign pets (22/05/2013)
    Special attention to compliance with the rules on holding potentially dangerous animals
  • The extent of the UMU in Mazarrón launched a course on ADHD (22/05/2013)
    The course will run from 28 to May 30 from 19 pm at the House of Culture
  • Cristina García Rodero a trio of aces full national "Fotogenio" (22/05/2013)
    The famed photographer will give a free talk at the open day
  • Fry's "Ginés García" regional champions rise in school sport football (21/05/2013)
    Jaime Escobar gets the bronze medal in the youngest male cross appointment School Sports
  • User @ s The Day Centre for People with Disabilities enjoy a day in "Terra Natura" (21/05/2013)
    Activity has been possible thanks to the collaboration of ASPADEM who has given coach tours
  • The "Roman Factory Salt" star of the "International Museum Day" (21/05/2013)
    None Amelie Angel Bernal and delighted hundreds of people in said Municipal Archaeological Museum
  • The beach volleyball sits in the regional final Mazarrón school sports and a championship (21/05/2013)
    The collective "learning fun" also organizes a beach paddle tennis championship
  • Free Course fishing for kids @ s of up to 15 years (20/05/2013)
    a reed be provided to those children s who want to participate but do not have it
  • "Around the World in 80 Days" reap a great success (20/05/2013)
    The whole work of the school "the Flour mill" and the association "Maestro Eugenio Calderón" bears the fruit a magnificent representation
  • More than a hundred birds competing in the final of the regional championship silvestrismo XXIV (20/05/2013)
    will host Mazarrón Murcia proposed to host the national final next year
  • Education relaunches campaign "Healthy Breakfast" (20/05/2013)
    This year the activity is aimed at students of Children 854 local primary school
  • Home PuertoMobel change your old website developed with a Superweb (19/05/2013)
    You can now enjoy the benefits of Superweb, an online tool of modern web design and constantly evolving
  • Interesting and fun day at the "World Day of migratory birds" (17/05/2013)
    anse Environment and continue to work in defense of Mazarrón Natural Heritage
  • 18 members of "F20" displayed his photographs of "Reflections" (17/05/2013)
    This is the first exhibition that performs this association of photographers
  • "" revolutionizes the way we understand the promotion of tourism in Mazarrón (17/05/2013)
    Tourism and Development come together on a website that is also diversifying tool
  • The Foundation "Pedro Cano" and cultural ties sealed Mazarrón (17/05/2013)
    Ginés Campillo and White painter signed an agreement to further promote the Culture
  • Two new large fishing club hits Puerto de Mazarrón (16/05/2013)
    José Carlos Saugar, team world champion and Tomasa Patricia Costa, national champion selection Murcia
  • San Isidro not intimidated before the rain or the wind (16/05/2013)
    Aroa Damián López Solano and Miss and Mister are the Children of the holidays this year
  • The group "Ginés and Ana" leader stands Futsal league (16/05/2013)
    The 6th day has yielded exciting matches and results that have been printed to the competition keen interest
  • Mazarrón hosts this Sunday May 19 the final Regional Championship SILVESTRISMO XXIV (15/05/2013)
    The city will also host the national event of this sport in the world of hunting
  • The CARM and the City encourage entrepreneurship among students in Mazarrón (15/05/2013)
    The school "Siglo XXI" and the IES "Philip II" involved in EME and AXIS projects this year
  • The athletic club with 12 medals sweeps Mazarrón regional (14/05/2013)
    5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze is the balance of the club in the Regional Championships in Athletics Kids and Cadet Outdoor
  • "Around the World in 80 Days" on Saturday May 18 in the CEIP "The Cceña" (14/05/2013)
    Representation theater and music combine in an original bet of the school "the Flour mill" and the association "Maestro Eugenio Calderón"
  • Leather, archeology and music to celebrate "International Museum Day" (14/05/2013)
    The "Salt Roman Factory" hosts the Saturday 18 a conference on restoration and Bernal Ameli concert and Angel None
  • Open registration period for summer sports and swimming courses (14/05/2013)
    Beach volleyball and surfing are added to the schedule this year designed for youth and adults
  • San Isidro begins its festivities with lots of music and high participation (13/05/2013)
    Antonia Torres was honored for "being a woman who always works in these celebrations"
  • The river and marsh Luchena Valdeinfierno for the next route of sports and "Friends of Nature" (13/05/2013)
    The City also participates in other consistory routes made by Mazarrón
  • Young people participate actively in the activities organized by the city (10/05/2013)
    More than 100 young people gather in the "Lan Party" which was the center console "Xbox 360"
  • The Ramos brothers "keepers of nature" in Fotogenio (10/05/2013)
    Madoz, Kratochvil, Outumuro Instagramers and founder of the world will attend the largest gathering of photographers in Spain
  • The male infant football team room "Domingo Valdivieso" dispute the regional final School Sports (09/05/2013)
    The fry of "Ginés García" fight for a place in the regional final also in football mode
  • Open enrollment period for the Summer Carnival 2013 (09/05/2013)
    Celebrations divided into four awards 3000 euros aimed at both local and foreign troupes
  • The Sheepfold live this Saturday May 11th an evening of theater (09/05/2013)
    "taitantos Theatre" will stage "My aunt and things" of Rafael Mendizabal
  • "Mazarrón Sea and More" flies aboard "Easy Jet" (09/05/2013)
    The City promotes tourism promotion campaign of Mazarrón in the publication of the airline
  • Francisco Javier Cloths regional rises youngest champion in judo -34 kg (08/05/2013)
    Joaquín Contreras achieved a creditable third in the -38 kg category of the competition
  • The world's museums celebrate the International Museum Day around the date of May 18 (08/05/2013)
    This year 2013, the theme of International Museum Day will Museums (memory + creativity) = social progress
  • The wetland of the Boulevard of the mulberry meeting point of the "World Day of migratory birds" (08/05/2013)
    The white-headed duck is the star of the day promoted by the Department of Environment and Anse
  • Open the admissions application deadline for the Adult School (08/05/2013)
    The filing can be done electronically via the Internet
  • The council launched the municipal nursery business (07/05/2013)
    Those interested can go informing the project to be published shortly in the BORM
  • The Mediterranean CD wins the soccer tournament in August I fry "Bay of Mazarrón" (07/05/2013)
    The young team Laura Sánchez Cartagena was chosen the best player of the tournament
  • Gervasio Sanchez returns to Mazarron to give a seminar on "Fotogenio" (07/05/2013)
    Fifty people participated in the "Photowalk" which took place on Saturday
  • Mazarrón adds to the regional fight against irregular economy (07/05/2013)
    The Alcalde, Ginés Campillo, emphasizes that this tool will enable better joint work of the administrations
  • The CDIAT celebrates the third talk about stimulating quality (06/05/2013)
    This May 8 is celebrated in Mazarrón Health Center and the 16th in Port
  • Juan Francisco Lopez youngest runner in the II Open Table Tennis Autonomy (06/05/2013)
    Benito Gonzalez, in Benjamin, and Miguel Ortiz and Manuel Gonzalez, infantile, represented the CD Mazarrón TM
  • Francisco Torres proclaimed the festival of San Isidro that start this Friday May 10 (06/05/2013)
    The humorist Manolo Royo and orchestra "Liverpool" are the highlights for this year
  • The cadets of "XXI Century" are proclaimed regional champions Sports School futsal (06/05/2013)
    The fry of "Ginés García" pass to the semifinals in the form of handball
  • Rural Development is committed to using sewage sludge in agriculture Mazarron (03/05/2013)
    The City is also interested in several varieties of stone fruit crop
  • "Photowalk" and "Fototonic" for a new Saturday "Fotogenio" (03/05/2013)
    Paula Sanchez wins' Fotomaratón "whose finalists have obtained tickets Fotogenio
  • All set to celebrate the theater program "A scene" in the VHS (03/05/2013)
    The program starts this Saturday May 4 and will last until 25
  • Mazarrón already have a Cadastral Information Point (ICP) (03/05/2013)
    The service will prevent citizens have to travel to other municipalities in the region
  • The football team male child "Domingo Valdivieso" will play the regional final School Sports (02/05/2013)
    This Saturday the cadets of "XXI Century" in Lorca fight for the title of champion of football
  • The full City Council renews its commitment to anse (02/05/2013)
    All political parties approve conduct a financial audit the council
  • The local football league reaches its 5th jornda with "Plumbing Carlos" at the top (02/05/2013)
    The Competition Committee warns that it will not allow any unsportsmanlike conduct
  • The youth CD totals Bala Azul 1st youth category (02/05/2013)
    ​​ The club called on Sunday for the fans at Stadium Playasol a prize draw for those who are dressed in blue
  • The Department of Services undertakes various improvements in the district of Salitre (01/05/2013)


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