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  • The Watchtower extends its celebrations of Corpus another week (31/05/2016)
    Programming Saturday May 28, suspended by wind gusts, going to be held on Saturday, June 4 from 22:00 pm
  • Mazarrón projects its archaeological heritage in the Fair Tarraco Viva (31/05/2016)
    A stand of the Roman fish salting factory in Tarragona shows the greatness of the municipality as a cultural tourist destination
  • Over 100 professionals will work this summer on the operational safety and rescue beaches (31/05/2016)
    City Council and the Red Cross signed the agreement of a plan which begins June 1 and incorporates a new monitoring point in the Rihuete
  • The Sea International University offers two summer courses at its headquarters in Mazarrón (31/05/2016)
    "emotional intelligence skills" and "Teamwork and Productivity" will be the two themes of this new training offer
  • Mazarrón returns to baseline scenario Triathlon Fuente Álamo (30/05/2016)
    Jesus Gomar and Marina Damlaimcourt repeat wins in a test that brought together more than 800 triathletes on the beach Rihuete
  • Mazarrón Athletics Club gets two medals in the regional final of Alhama (30/05/2016)
    Mateo Pérez gets gold in 60 meter dash and Miriam alevín Saez is 220 meters bronze child fences
  • Juan Francisco Lopez alevín regional champion table tennis proclaimed (30/05/2016)
    Christian Catevilla gets the bronze youngest category at the championships held in San Javier
  • Health Week at the center of people over Mazarrón (30/05/2016)
    The Assembly Local Red Cross organized a conference focusing on stimulation and correcting bad habits
  • End holiday weekend in La Atalaya (30/05/2016)
    The hamlet Mazarron live their festivities in honor of the Corpus.
  • Closing of the XI edition of'Mayo Cultural' at the Center for people over Mazarrón (29/05/2016)

  • The Almazjoven awards show the creativity of young Mazarron (28/05/2016)
    Councilman Young, Patricio Sanchez, presents diplomas attesting the best works in photography, poetry and short story of an event that meets three editions
  • The Watchtower this weekend celebrates its festivals of Corpus (27/05/2016)

  • The Ministry of Education grants Mazarrón advanced level of English to teach at the School of Languages (27/05/2016)
    Students municipality may extend their training from next year
  • Final stretch to enjoy Zombie Survival of Puerto de Mazarrón (27/05/2016)
    The date is Saturday June 18 from 23:00 pm
  • The Roman Factory Museum spreads the municipal history among elementary students (27/05/2016)
    The project "Man and wood" looks at the legacy of cultures that inhabited the territory of Mazarrón
  • 850 participants are given appointment in Mazarrón Saturday to start the triathlon Fuente Alamo (26/05/2016)
    The competition, now in its 27th edition, is considered one of the most important in the national calendar
  • Those over Puerto de Mazarrón show off their skills in an exhibition at the Day Center (26/05/2016)
    The general director, Ana Guijarro, attends an exhibition of the various workshops and praises the work of volunteers and partners
  • Pedro Alonso receives the "City of Elda" award (25/05/2016)
    The work of the artist Mazarron is awarded at the XXXVII Contest Minicuadros Hosts of Cadi who received 635 works from around the world
  • Schools Manuela Romero and Leonor Infanta one step away from being champions in the regional phase of School Sports (25/05/2016)
    played, on Saturday May 28 in Aguilas, final futsal and volleyball male juvenile category
  • Juan Mariano Balibrea about his work to school (25/05/2016)
    The artist exhibits "From my window (Zen) in Town Hall until June 11 City Council want to link students with the artists who come to the municipality through educational projects.
  • Thousands of people enjoy the Island Fun Fest (24/05/2016)
    Mazarrón sees space on the agenda of regional events with a festival that showed the wide possibilities of leisure offer makes the coastal town
  • The Center for Senior Day hosts the II Meeting of Choirs (23/05/2016)
    Members of the Polifónica of San Javier, Mazarrón Bay and La Purisima celebrate a day of living that culminated in a joint performance
  • Pedro Antonio Lopez and Alfonsina Rivedieu due in Mazarrón Bay Triathlon III (23/05/2016)
    A total of 219 participants completed the 750 meter swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run a test that had to Bolnuevo main stage
  • The new village headman took possession of his office (22/05/2016)
    Once Mazarron begin their work at the head of different populations that make up the municipality
  • Changes in circulation in Bolnuevo and Mazarrón by organizing sports events (20/05/2016)
    The Constitution Avenue will be closed to traffic, partially, on Sunday 22 May between 07:30 and 15:00
  • Mazarrón hosts this Sunday the second stage of the Tour of Cadets Regional (20/05/2016)
    Participants will tour 63 kilometers starting and finishing on Constitution Avenue
  • Conditioned access to the beach Island (20/05/2016)
    Replaced the slope of land by a decorative stone riprap and improved ramp step for the disabled
  • The governing board of Mazarrón shows appreciation for a new donation Mateo Garcia (20/05/2016)
    The writer and journalist thickens with new documents and photographs the bottom of Mazarron Municipal Archives
  • The historical heritage of Mazarrón stands at an archaeological conference in Italy (19/05/2016)
    Universities of Siena and Rome extol the importance it had in Mazarrón alum and support scientific approaches to put in value
  • Employment strategies to improve disabled access to work in this sector of the population (19/05/2016)
    Three papers closed down specific days that have developed since last December
  • The summer campus Fotogenio Mazarrón leads to outstanding photographers on the national scene (19/05/2016)
    will be held from 7 to 10 July and will have a limit of 200 seats.
  • New asphalt on rural roads (19/05/2016)
    The performance improves access to places of passage and points on the periphery of the town of Mazarrón
  • Mazarrón is prepared to live a unique event with "The Island Fun Fest" (18/05/2016)
    Gastronomy, Ibizan fair, kiddie rides, live music, sports and beach activities.
  • Course integrated pest management tomato (18/05/2016)
    Directed farmers and technicians.
  • The municipal nursery recovers its activity (18/05/2016)
    Rehabilitated facility that will house a specific area of ​​children's garden for an educational program
  • Mazarrón Bay Triathlon meets Saturday to 300 participants (18/05/2016)
    The test, now in its third edition, will have to Bolnuevo main stage of the competition
  • Local Police Mazarrón incorporates a new agent (17/05/2016)
    Luis Cristobal Acarreta takes possession of his office after Services Commission authorized by the City of Murcia
  • Students of the UCAM show their ideas for the future center of interpretation of the mines (17/05/2016)
    Students of Degree of Architecture presented about 30 projects noting the City Council to carry out an installation that will value the Minas de Mazarrón
  • The PSOE requires the Autonomous Community planning powers to remove the Mazarrón Town Council for its inability (17/05/2016)

  • We can described as "subhuman and environmental attack" the situation of Camposol (17/05/2016)

  • Catalonia expires at the end of the Children's National Futsal Championship in Mazarrón (16/05/2016)
    Mazarrón hosted a tournament that brought together for a week, about 200 children from all over the country
  • The Cartagena 300 Fandango is winning yacht in the Bay Regatta Mazarrón VI (16/05/2016)
    Vessels "Black Octopus" of Torrevieja and "Aqua" are made with the top spots in classes III and IV
  • The Museum Day projects the municipal heritage (16/05/2016)
    Guided tours, theater, dance and music completed the offering of the Roman fish salting factory, followed by other attractions such as the Tower of Horses, the church of San Andrés or Interpretation Centre Phoenician boat
  • The neighborhood of San Isidro celebrates its festivities (16/05/2016)
    Neighbors and visitors enjoyed the first holiday weekend that culminated in the mass, wreath and traditional procession
  • Mazarrón held this Saturday the Museum Day 2016 (13/05/2016)
    free routes, dance, music and tastings in exceptional locations
  • Day of employment for people with disabilities (13/05/2016)
    The training activity will take place in the city of Mazarrón on Thursday May 19
  • The best futsal regional teams fighting for the title of Champion of Spain Child (13/05/2016)
    Mazarrón hosts a championship in which about 200 children across the country participate.
  • The food market of Puerto de Mazarrón is included in a government reshuffle plan (13/05/2016)
    The public building is one of 10 selected by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
  • The voter registration lists for the general elections are available until May 16 (12/05/2016)
    Interested parties should go to the Department of Statistics site on the ground floor of City Hall
  • 36 boats competing this weekend in the Bay Regatta Mazarrón VI (12/05/2016)
    Over 200 sailors gathered at the Club Nautico de Bahia are given to participate in a test that is accompanied with an agenda of leisure activities
  • Triumph of Mazarron bases table tennis in the Open Autonomic of Murcia (11/05/2016)
    Christian Catevilla and Juan Francisco Lopez, champions in the categories youngest child and young fish
  • 54 young people aspire to a place lifeguard on the beaches of Mazarrón (10/05/2016)
    The physical tests were performed on the beach Bolnuevo
  • The PSOE requires the Community to take the reins urban Camposol Mazarrón (10/05/2016)
    Deputy Alfonso Martínez Baños considers that the City has shown sufficient inability to resolve the unacceptable situation faced by the British colony that lives there
  • Traffic Coordinators held in day centers driver education talks aimed at pedestrians (10/05/2016)
    The activity aims to raise awareness and reinforce the attention of passersby to reduce accident figures
  • Puerto de Mazarrón live a "Survival Zombie" Saturday night June 18 (10/05/2016)
    The event has been successfully developed in Spanish cities and recently in Cartagena came to gather about 1,000 participants, in editions of La Aljorra and Santa Ana
  • Meeting with the Red Cross and the Consul of Ecuador to coordinate aid to the earthquake daminificados (10/05/2016)
    Basic foods and hygiene products are the most demanded by the near 100.00 people who have been affected by the earthquake
  • The FP Bala Azul Spain contest the Cup Beach Soccer (09/05/2016)
    The team Puerto de Mazarrón overcomes the Playas de Mazarrón in the final of the Regional Championship held in Los Alcázares
  • Francis Hernandez wins the automotive XXXIV rise Mazarrón Bay (09/05/2016)
    Motor fans enjoy the spectacle of rally cars Bucs concentrated in the Plaza de Playa Grande
  • Schools Cycling Region show their potential in Mazarrón (09/05/2016)
    More than 100 children across the Community participating in a conference exhibition that promotes Cycling Federation of Murcia
  • More than 350 people enjoy the Geolodía on a route by the Calas de Bolnuevo (09/05/2016)
    Walkers of all ages know, in detail and in a didactic way, the geology of one of the richest natural areas in peninsular Southeast
  • Mazarrón Spain hosts the Championship Futsal Infantil with the participation of 12 regional teams (09/05/2016)
    From 11 to May 15 in the halls of the Flour mill, La Canada and Miguel Delibes
  • More than 150 runners take part in the march of the Cycling Club II Fenicios (09/05/2016)
    Javier and Fernando Cabrera due Foulque absolute categories and Sprint Challenge.
  • Mazarrón get seven blue flags for summer 2016 (06/05/2016)
    The municipality is among the ten most Blue Flags of Spain in 2016 and received a special award in Lifesaving
  • Changing temporary location of the bus stop by organizing sporting event (06/05/2016)
    The Constitution Avenue will be closed to traffic, partially, on Sunday May 8 from 07:30 to 14:00
  • The voter registration lists for the general elections will be available from 9 to 16 May (06/05/2016)
    Interested parties should go to the Department of Statistics site on the ground floor of City Hall
  • Originally the recruitment procedure for drafting a project to build a swimming pool complex in the Ciudad Deportiva (06/05/2016)
    Its location in Media Legua situated in between the facilities for users of the two main population
  • Last day of registration for courses free gardening and transport (05/05/2016)
    Interested parties have until Friday 6 May to formulate their entries in the CIME (Constitution Avenue, 65)
  • Cycling fans have this weekend a new appointment in Mazarrón (05/05/2016)
    On Sunday May 8 is performed II Marcha BTT Club Phoenicians and Exhibition Schools Cycling Murcia on Constitution Avenue
  • The rise car 34 Mazarrón Bay campus gathers the best drivers (05/05/2016)
    The test, combined with the V Rallysprint Costa Calida, will have among its participants champion Spain, Sergi Pañella
  • Hall and traders meet with the Director General to promote the sector in the municipality (05/05/2016)
    Francisca Cabrera entrepreneurs and artisans detailed news of Integral Competitiveness Plan for retail approved by the Regional Government
  • The Assembly unanimously approved the motion of the PSOE to build a bike path on the RM-332 between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón (04/05/2016)

  • The council fellows offer spaces for extracurricular summer internship (04/05/2016)
    Interested parties must register with the guidance services of the universities in the region in which they are studying
  • The Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases receives a municipal subsidy of 2,000 euros (04/05/2016)
    Amount collected after economic contributions of Mazarron in the acquisition of the last book of the festivities
  • The Mazarron Miguel Ortiz proclaimed champion Spain with Murcia cadet selection of table tennis (03/05/2016)
    Juan Francisco Lopez gets the fifth place in junior category at the championships held last weekend in Caceres
  • The Saturday Geolodía offers a unique opportunity to learn in detail the Calas de Bolnuevo (03/05/2016)

  • Youth is launching a new summer camp in Nerpio (03/05/2016)

  • Pedro Acosta adds new triumphs in Spain Cup Minivelocidad (02/05/2016)
    The Mazarron is anchored in Mallorca, as promising young motorcycling after getting a double in MaxiGP 220 XL
  • The photography competition "we like to read" rewards creativity of young Mazarron (02/05/2016)
    Libraries also delivers the "+ Reader" award which recognizes the loyalty of young readers and adults
  • The neighborhood of San Isidro celebrates its celebrations from 13 to 22 May (02/05/2016)
    José Ortuño touts in Bolnuevo, one of the most crowded celebrations among the residents of Puerto de Mazarrón
  • Gastronomy, Ibizan fair and live music, main attractions of the Island Funny Fest (02/05/2016)
    Food trucks, water sports and numerous children's activities on the beach of the island during the weekend of 21 and 22 May

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