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Mazarron News - July 2008

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  • 'Routes' are an excellent alternative to enjoy the summer (31/07/2008)
    The Department of Tourism of the City of Mazarrón has developed environmental and historical routes to anyone visiting the city can enter into the rich natural and cultural heritage
  • 'Circus, costumes and beach' for children (31/07/2008)
    These are some of the activities children enjoyed Mazarron during July in summer school
  • Concha Sanchez Lorenzo returns to exhibit at the center of Puerto de Mazarrón Day (30/07/2008)
    The exhibition of the artist Mazarron, Concha Sanchez Lorente, will be open until late August at the Day Center of Puerto de Mazarron
  • The mayor of Mazarrón The cornerstone of the doctor of Camposol (30/07/2008)
    These new health facilities, financed by the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the Municipality of Mazarrón, amounting to 372,000 euros
  • Mazarrón, idyllic destination to enjoy leisure time (30/07/2008)
    This summer the coastal town with endless options for locals to enjoy a significant number of leisure activities
  • The parties retain full Pastrana old (29/07/2008)
    The celebration of the hamlet Mazarron in honor of the patron, St. James, have completed a fireworks
  • Young Mazarron 'play, learn and travel' this summer (29/07/2008)
    The "Pro Evolution Soccer Championship Soccer ', the' Classical Guitar Workshop 'and the journey to the' International Exhibition of Water 'in Zaragoza are just some of the activities that the Youth Council has organized
  • 'Búrlalas' reaches the coast Mazarron (29/07/2008)
    The campaign to prevent drug that specifically targets young people
  • Mazarrón is 'More than sun and sand' (29/07/2008)
    The Department of Tourism has developed an extensive program for the enjoyment both citizens and visitors
  • 'Night of Stories' in the marina (28/07/2008)
    Author Espido Freire has been the guest of honor at the awards ceremony of the XXIV edition of the "Tales of Mazarron Villa del Olmo Antonio Segado' which brought together more than three hundred People
  • Mazarrón citizens about the benefits of Red Point SME (28/07/2008)
    Local Development Agency of the City of Mazarrón has signed an accession agreement with the Agency's SME Point Network
  • 'XV Race Against Drugs' (28/07/2008)
    On Saturday August 16 this sporting event will be held at 20:00 pm
  • The beach of the island, steeped in culture (28/07/2008)
    from 11:00 to 14:00 h.
  • The Ministry of Tourism confirms that the green flag waves and the beaches of Mazarrón (27/07/2008)

  • The Ministry of Tourism said that the spot detected in Mazarrón has been controlled (26/07/2008)
    Abellán notes that "the work may be completed between now and tomorrow afternoon and has not detected any damage"
  • Cheer "Clean Up the World" (25/07/2008)
    The day intensive cleaning, to be held on September 20 in the coves of Mazarrón, has opened its registration to all those who wish
  • The child beach, perfect scenario for smaller games (25/07/2008)
    Locals in the town of Mazarrón take full advantage of a wide choice of leisure activities offered by the 'More than sun and sand'
  • Today torn parties Pastrana (25/07/2008)
    The celebration of the hamlet Mazarron in honor of the patron, St. James, will continue until next Sunday, July 27, with an extensive program of activities
  • 'XXIV Tales Villa de Mazarrón - Antonio del Olmo Segado' (25/07/2008)
    Social Club Marina hosts tonight at 22:30 pm
  • 'The great festival of art' is installed in Mazarrón (24/07/2008)
    The mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Blaya, and the Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, inaugurated the exhibition space marine 'Corrientes', located in the Marina in the municipality
  • Adriana Ortega and school Ginés García, 'Aqualia Awards 2008' (24/07/2008)
    The sixth edition of "Drawing Competition" Aqualia, which carries the theme "Water, my world and my colors' has received more than 32,000 drawings Spain and Italy
  • 'More than sun and beach' Activities for Friday, July 25 (24/07/2008)
    All those who are interested in participating in environmental and historical routes must register with 24 h.
  • 'Jay-Inmobiliaria Bolman Paintings', 7 Memorial Cup champion Salvador Ortiz (23/07/2008)
    A total of 19 teams took part in this tournament pioneer in the municipality in which the athlete pays homage to Salvador Ortiz Mazarron
  • Mazarrón promotes women's handball (23/07/2008)
    The town has hosted the 'I Women's Handball Tournament Villa de Mazarrón' in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports
  • The boy band 'Lions' sounds strong in Mazarrón (23/07/2008)
    An average of a thousand people attended the two performances that offered "Lions Youth Brass Band" in the marina of Puerto de Mazarron
  • Cinema Auditorium Marquesa de los Vélez (23/07/2008)
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:00
  • 85 artists from the region of Murcia shows together in the 'Current' (23/07/2008)
    The exhibition is divided into three exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and photography, you can visit from today until August 31 and was born with the "end to create a space for dialogue "
  • Soledad Diaz, president of the federation Hostemur (23/07/2008)
    The Regional Federation of Employers of the Hospitality Industry has relied on making Mazarron to hold this position because it has a long history in tourism
  • Benefit dinner for the Spanish Association Against Cancer Mazarrón (22/07/2008)
    On Saturday 26 July at 21:30 h.
  • ... (22/07/2008)

  • The Region approves two new collectors for Mazarrón (22/07/2008)
    Investments in these new facilities will exceed 2.7 million euros
  • Mazarrón, stage of living with hemophilia (22/07/2008)
    About a hundred people enjoyed a day of living in the Murcia Regional Hemophilia Association
  • 'Mini Crack' and 'San Antonio Mazarrón' football champions fry and baby (21/07/2008)
    About 140 children have participated in two football championships have been held at the Municipal Sports Pavilion Mazarrón
  • Welcome to "town hall" of Mazarrón! (21/07/2008)
    One hundred foreigners have made the route bilingual exhibition space of the historic building and its surroundings
  • 'The Mystery of Life' by Magdalena Vivancos, presented in Mazarrón (21/07/2008)
    Anyone interested in purchasing this book for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer can purchase for an amount of EUR 10 in the Town Hall of Mazarron
  • ... (21/07/2008)

  • The hamlet of Lewis closes its festivities with a fireworks display (21/07/2008)
    Lewis's neighbors have enjoyed a week full of events in honor of the Virgen del Carmen
  • Route bilingual by the "town hall" from Mazarrón (18/07/2008)
    Tomorrow Saturday, June 19, the municipality of Mazarrón is organizing a foreign tour for the museum space and its surroundings
  • The boy band 'Lions' takes the stage of Mazarrón (18/07/2008)
    "Lions Youth Brass Band will perform over the next 21 and July 22 at 22:00
  • Mazarrón focuses on 'Television' and 'Cell Therapy' (18/07/2008)
    More than a hundred people have attended the courses' Television and its modes (terms and conditions of audiovisuals) "and" Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine: The new era of transplantation '
  • 7 Football Championship reaches its final (18/07/2008)
    The days of semifinals and finals will take place on Monday July 19 at Municipal Stadium
  • Programming of activities 'More than sun and beach' for Friday July 18 (17/07/2008)
    special hiking trail full moon
  • The campaign "The abuse you mark 'comes to Mazarrón (17/07/2008)
    The distribution of information and graphic material will be of great help to all those who are living this situation
  • 'The mother of the fishers' crosses the coast Mazarron (17/07/2008)
    Around a thousand people have participated in the events planned around the day of the Virgen del Carmen
  • Mazarrón, a showcase of crafts from the Region of Murcia (17/07/2008)
    Residents and tourists can venture Mazarrón in the crafts of the region during the months of July and August in the Cooper Plaza Puerto de Mazarron
  • The mayor meets with FEAPS and ASPADEM to sign an agreement (17/07/2008)
    This agreement will allow the use of the pool to all those people in town who suffer a disability
  • The University of the Sea deals with the intricacies of media (16/07/2008)

  • The mayor receives Belarusian children who spend the summer in Mazarrón (16/07/2008)
    A total of nine children from Belarus will spend the months of July and August in the town thanks to the primary task of the NGO 'Solidarity Mazarrón'
  • Mazarrón live with intensity the day of the Virgen del Carmen (16/07/2008)
    The seaside town will host a full program of events which will not miss the Mass and the procession of boats of the image
  • 'Mazarrón Windsurf Festival' exceeds expectations (15/07/2008)
    Several hundred people enjoyed a great show on the beach Alamillo
  • Spanish scientists debate about stem cells in a course in Mazarrón (15/07/2008)

  • 'More than sun and beach' captures the attention of large and small (15/07/2008)
    The Department of Tourism generates a wide grid of activities for all ages
  • Mazarrón, control of vector control (15/07/2008)
    Lokimica SA The company is responsible for developing treatments and pest prevention to avoid the formation of swarms of mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats
  • More than 3,000 people have visited the "town hall de Mazarrón" since its opening (14/07/2008)
    This emblematic building has been visited by organized 23 groups, 739 individual visits and 9 cultural events in the three months of open house
  • The mayor of Mazarrón inaugurated courses 'Television' and 'Cell Therapy' (14/07/2008)
    The Minister of Health, María Ángeles Palacios, and the Director of the International University, Eduardo Osuna, also participated in the inaugural
  • Mazarrón hosts the "First Council of Radio Television of the Region of Murcia ' (14/07/2008)
    The Town Hall of Mazarron has been the setting for the celebration of this pioneering event in the Region
  • A guide to leisure facilities and tourist accommodation shows most precious corners Mazarrón (14/07/2008)
    A total of 2,000 copies to be distributed from the Tourist Office and the information points of the municipality, shall ensure to citizens and visitors many leisure options
  • Tomorrow, July 12, start the 'massage course' (11/07/2008)
    The courses, organized by the Youth Council of the City, will be held every Saturday in July and August at the Erasmus Hospital
  • This weekend marks the 'Mazarrón Windsurf Festival' (11/07/2008)
    More than twenty sports will compete in distance events, freestyle, wave and slalom
  • ... (11/07/2008)

  • The Department of Employment Training and online courses undertaken (11/07/2008)
    courses 'Occupational Risk Prevention' and 'How to make a list' will for self-employed workers of the municipality and the rest of the Region of Murcia
  • Vicente Vallés, Beatriz Arińo and Carlos del Amor, luxury guest of the University of Mar (10/07/2008)
    14 to July 18 Ocean University presents "Television and its modes (terms and conditions of audio-visual).
  • 'I Women's Handball Tournament' (10/07/2008)
    The meeting will be this Saturday July 12 at 17:30
  • The City Council promotes the 'home help service' (10/07/2008)
    business management 'Alares Human Services' will be a qualitative and quantitative improvements to the users of this service
  • Mazarron ideal destination for summer (10/07/2008)
    The Department of Tourism generates a wide grid of activities for all ages
  • The City encourages residents to rehabilitate their homes (10/07/2008)
    The "Comprehensive Rehabilitation Area 'will enable the public subsidies of up to eighty percent on home improvements
  • The local police practices reinforce the security of citizens of the municipality (09/07/2008)
    The 15 players will extend their training into practice until 31 September
  • The culture of Mazarrón Beach will offer a loan service of books and film series (09/07/2008)

  • The child beach, perfect setting to enjoy the smaller (09/07/2008)
    This beach theme, located in El Castellar, offered throughout the day a comprehensive agenda for children's collective
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Tourism presented the 'Cultural Playa' (09/07/2008)
    This new addition gives the city a total of four thematic beaches that allow a wide range of activities both citizens and tourists
  • Maria Angeles Hernández, Mazarron promising young sports (08/07/2008)
    The athlete Mazarron has recently obtained an award in the 'Gala + Sport 2008' for his great career in motorsport
  • 'Oche Cortes' and 'Espido Freire', talismans of the music and culture in Mazarrón (08/07/2008)
    On July 25 there will be the awards ceremony of the XXIV edition of the Short Story Competition "Villa de Mazarrón - Antonio del Olmo Segado "
  • The walking routes approaching the charms of Mazarrón (08/07/2008)
    Tourists have a broad agenda of activities to enjoy during the months of July and August
  • The Mazarron deepen 'television' and 'cell therapy' (07/07/2008)
    These courses will be held from 14 to 18 July at the Hotel Playa Grande in Puerto de Mazarron
  • Mazarrón already has an industrial estate (07/07/2008)
    The Ministry of Works, Housing and Transportation of the Autonomous Community has finally approved the project
  • Cultural Beach opens today with film (07/07/2008)
    The Mazarron and tourists will enjoy this night 22:00 pm a wonderful movie going experience in a unique setting such as the beach of the island
  • The Mazarron, witnessing the birth of 80 degrees in the shade ' (04/07/2008)
    The new partnership of the municipality aims to unite young people interested in music and culture
  • The young star Mazarron summer activities (03/07/2008)
    The Youth Council of the City of Mazarrón has developed a comprehensive program with many leisure for this group
  • The City Council undertook a pioneering system to expedite the processing of fines (03/07/2008)
    The Police Local invigorate its services through a PDA
  • The honors Mazarron Roque Moreno Guarinos (02/07/2008)
    The music has been the backbone of this very special day in the street musicians who have spoken of Mazarrón and Totana
  • Mazarrón is far "More than sun and sand ' (02/07/2008)
    The city will house the largest tourism agenda for the months of July and August
  • The mayor meets with members of Saint Nicholas Church (01/07/2008)
    On this occasion the members of this group have asked the Consistory the transfer of land to locate a church
  • Windsurfing takes over the beaches of Mazarrón (01/07/2008)
    This weekend will be played on 'Mazarrón Windsurfing Festival 2008' in distance events, freestyle, wave and slalom
  • The 'Lions' held its gala 'Presidents Nigth' (01/07/2008)
    More than a hundred people have enjoyed a relaxed evening with the 'Lions' welcome to the summer season

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